Pearson’s Language Test or PTE is an internationally accepted English Language Testing system which is used to test the knowledge and proficiency in English. PTE is a computer-based exam which tests the candidate’s real-life English skills which are used in academic surroundings in most universities worldwide.

Taking this test is a prerequisite for non-native English speakers who wish to pursue higher studies in countries where the medium of instruction is English. Around 10,000 organizations and institutes worldwide recognize and accept Pearson’s Language Test results to verify the proficiency of candidates in English language.

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Test Structure

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) comprises 3 sections: Speaking & Writing , Reading, Listening.

Speaking & Writing

Duration: 77 – 93 minutes (Summarize written text -10 mins, Essay -20 mins). Questions: Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture, Answer short question, Summarize written text, Essay.


Duration: 32 – 40 minutes (A 10-minute break is optional). Questions: Fill in the blanks, Multiple-choice - choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraphs, Multiple-choice -choose single answer.


Duration: 45 – 57 minutes (A 10-minute break is optional). Questions: Summarize spoken text, Multiple-choice - choose multiple answers, Fill the blanks, Highlight the correct summary, Multiple choices - choose a single answer, Select missing word, Highlight incorrect words, Write from dictation.

Training Modules

Module 1: PTE Speaking

Introduction, Read Aloud, Repeat the Sentence, Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Answer Short Question

  • 1. Registering for the PTE test
  • 2. The difference between PTE General and PTE Academic
  • 3. The PTE format
  • 4. Overview of the four modules – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
  • 5. Do’s and Don’ts of PTE
Module 2: PTE Listening

Introduction, Summarise Spoken Text, Multiple Choice - Multiple Answers, Multiple Choice - Single Answer, Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words, Write from Dictation

  • 1. Fluency and coherence
  • 2. Lexical resource
  • 3. Grammar
  • 4. Pronunciation
Module 3: PTE Reading

Introduction, Reordering, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice - Single Answer, Multiple Choice - Multiple Answers

  • 1. Preparing for the PTE listening section
  • 2. Recognize the main ideas and specific factual information
  • 3. Ways to locate answers at the very first time, as the recording will not be played again
  • 4. Understand the opinions, attitudes and purposes of the conversation/monologue.
Module 4: PTE Writing

Introduction, Summarise Written Text, Writing an Essay, Advantages Disadvantages, Problem Solution, Comparison, Essay.

  • 1. Reading for gist
  • 2. Reading for main ideas
  • 3. Reading for detail
  • 4. Skimming / scanning
  • 5. Understanding the logical argument and recognizing writer’s opinions, attitudes and purposes.

Course Highlights

Diagnostic Test

Test labs for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Concept Builders

Short lessons that explain language concepts, techniques and preparations methods.

Live Webinars

To master a topic in under an hour, attend live webinars that we conduct on a regular basis.


We will match you with a mentor who will keep you accountable and help you succeed.

Video Lessons

All PTE lessons are presented in a visually rich format for improved attention and grasp.

Mock Tests

Perfect your PTE skills using a number of mock tests, offered at varying levels of difficulty.

Simulated Testing

Bolster your prep by evaluating yourself on our simulated test environment.

Complete Support

Our support extends beyond exam preparation to cover visa consultation, college selection and more.

Course Options

Most Popular

Personalized Online Batch

  • Online - Zoom / Google / Microsoft Teams
  • Max. 10 students per batch
  • 4.5 hours per day
  • All the 4 modules covered
  • 3 month course
  • 5 computer delivered, 5 paper delivered tests
  • Online 60-minute review with an expert
  • 8 books provided
  • Laptop bag provided
  • Direct entry into SDS batch at Kanan International H.O. when the centre opens
  • Appointment of a senior case advisor for student visa process
Most Intensive

Personalized Offline Batch

  • One desk - one to one with faculty
  • Max. 2 students
  • 90 minutes per day
  • 1 or 2 modules as per student’s choice
  • 3 months course
  • 5 computer delivered, 5 paper delivered tests
  • Face to face 60-minute review with an expert
  • 12 books provided
  • Laptop bag provided
  • Direct entry into SDS batch at Kanan International H.O. when the centre opens
  • Appointment of a senior case advisor for student visa process


Shruti Kareshkumar Patel

I received a lot of guidance from Kanan Prep when it comes to learning for PTE, faculties are also very supportive and helpful at each and every step.

Manav Chokshi

t’s good experience for me at Kanan. All the teachers are very experienced and have ample amounts of knowledge. Overall it was a PTEat opportunity for me to study at Kanan.

Dhruv Patel

If you want to study in the US or Canada, you should get proper guidance for preparing for the PTE exams. Kanan International is a place where a student gets support right from PTE preparation to student visa. When I landed in Canada, Kanan International’s senior students helped me in getting a job and other essentials.

Prachi Modi

Kanan has provided me exemplary service in attaining my Goal. The teachers provided amazing guidance to attain the score I aspired for. Also the resources here are in plenty, hence you can have an immense amount of practice for your test.

Mrudul Dubey

The services at Kanan are the best in all of Vadodara. Faculties were very supportive and there was ample amount of practice material. Queries were solved anytime. Good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce lacinia turpis eu arcu elementum finibus. Morbi pellentesque sit amet purus vel auctor.

No, there is no pre-requisite for the PTE. But, PTE is a pre-requisite for anyone planning to study, work or migrate to an English speaking country.

Your PTE score will be valid for two years from the date of your test report form.

Yes, if you’d like to attempt again in order to improve your score, you’re welcome to do so.

You should choose the training mode depending on your location, schedules and target PTE scores. If you live in a city where our classroom courses are available and can come to the classrooms for the entire duration of the course, you would be better off with our classroom courses. If you’re aiming for a 7+ band score, you will benefit from our Private Tutoring plan. On the other hand, if you need very little guidance from us and can self-learn, please take advantage of the online course.

Yes, the PTE band score is a mandatory requirement while applying for admissions.

All our trainers have achieved high PTE scores themselves. They are given extensive training in best practices, exam strategies and preparation mindsets. Our trainers are among the best in the country.

Yes. Kanan Prep can be accessed on smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. All you need is a good Internet connection to access the course content.

Our simulated test engine offers you the best-in-class assessment, as close to the actual testing. Our trainers are PTE veterans. Moreover, the one-to-one mentoring and live webinars - you have everything you need to get a PTEat PTE score in the shortest time possible.

For the speaking test, you will record the answers on your computer or smartphone and upload it in the course portal. For the writing section, you will hand write your answers in a paper, scan and upload it on the course portal for evaluation.

Yes, you can extend your validity by paying an additional 50% of the course fee. All you need to do is let us know before access to your course expires.