United States, Pennsylvania

York College in Pennsylvania is a private college in south-central Pennsylvania. It was first established in the 1770s as York County College and related to St. John’s Episcopal Church. It received its charter from the Pennsylvania State Assembly in 1787. York College is ideal in scale: large enough to provide one with the same opportunities as major institutions yet small enough to maintain a strong focus on students! The college offers more than 50 undergraduate professional courses, including professional courses, science and humanities, and master's degree programs in education, business administration, nursing along with nursing practice doctorate. The college emphasizes learning based on experience. Teachers are enthusiastic subject experts dedicated to teaching and guidance.

Campus Life

The College is currently positioned on three bordering campuses. Most of its academic buildings are on the main campus, some on its recently built West campus, and some facilities on the North campus. Although the college has a long history, all buildings on the campus are less than 50 years old, and most of them were constructed in the 1960s. These buildings are in a standard red brick style, with white marble added to some buildings. With more than 100 clubs, organizations and teams, excellent sports facilities and an exciting event schedule, pupils get to participate every day from the first day itself! On-campus housing provides modern living in apartments, suites and houses for senior students as well as traditional university auditoriums. On-campus, one is never far away from classes, food, fitness centers, etc.

Noted Alumni

The college has produced many notable alumni from different professional backgrounds. Some of them are artist Roger Welch, writer Jeff Siegel politician David R. Kessler, composer and guitarist Glenn Branca, American bestselling author Kathy Clark, a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Kevin Schreiber, a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Daniel Moul, Italian footballer Antonia Bua, Seth Grove, who was first elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the year November 2008, a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and a Democratic politician David R. Kessler and many more are associated with the institution.

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