United States, Washington

Whitworth is known for its academic excellence, the integration of faith and learning and abundant opportunities to engage in research and service with excellent study-abroad programs which prepare students for careers with purpose. Established in 1890, Whitworth University is a private institution having a total undergraduate enrollment of 2401 setting in a suburban area of Washington, and the campus size is 200 acres.

Campus Life

Life at Whitworth is lively and full of entertainment. The modern campus is famous for its shaded sidewalks, spacious green lawns, fountains, sculptures, and historic buildings. Moreover, all its academic buildings and dormitory buildings are within walking distance of the city’s famous sites with restaurants, shops, sports venues, and much more. Besides, more than 70+ student clubs and organizations cater to exciting extracurricular activities for pupils to get involved in.

Noted Alumni

Some of the famous graduates of Whitworth University are Sia Figiel- Samoan novelist, Sara Jackson-Holman, singer-songwriter, Edward Kienholz- American Pop Art installation artist, Michael K. Le Roy (1989)- President of Calvin University, Ralph Polson- former NBA player, Mike Riley (1977, Master's Degree)- former University of Nebraska football coach, Trevor St. John- American actor on One Life to Live.