United States, Washington

Located in Walla Walla, Washington, Whitman College is a residential liberal arts institute focusing on delivering traditional values like critical thinking and academic rigor, along with a focus on community and relationships. The college provides a range of options to choose from as majors and minors like astronomy, geology, computer science, economics, film studies, gender studies, theatre, religion, physics, and many more. The college provides $30M in scholarships and financial aid and about 76% of the students receive help from the institute. The STEM hub provides academic and research opportunities for the students studying related subjects. The college receives students from over 38 countries making it a very vibrant and multicultural environment for the students.

Campus Life

The campus is located at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains. With seven residence halls on campus, the students get an opportunity to build a community together. The classes have a low student to teacher ratio of 9:1 along with an 88% graduation rate in five years. The Penrose Library encourages intellectual engagement with over 85,000 journals, 210 databases, 5,00,000 print collections, and more. The students have many sports teams to explore along with over 60 clubs and organizations to ensure overall growth even outside the classroom. Career services help the students from preparing a resume to preparing for interviews and even finding an internship, fellowship, and job opportunities.

Noted Alumni

Whitman College graduates stay connected via LinkedIn and Whitman Connect. Over 17,000 alumni are living across the globe today. Some notable alumni names include Steve McConnell who is a software engineering author, Webb Miller who is a computational biology pioneer, Walker Bleakney who is the inventor of the mass spectrometer, and the Nobel Prize winner and physicist Walter Brattain among many more.