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Wheeling University is a private Catholic university located in Wheeling, West Virginia. As a member of the Eastern Mountain Conference in the United States, Wheeling University participated in the second division of the American College Athletic Association. The Professional and Graduate Research Center of Wheeling University offers five graduate programs, namely Master of Business Administration; Master of Accounting; Master of Nursing Science; Master of Science in Organizational Leadership; and Physical Therapist. Wheeling encourages all students to actively participate in research in their desired field. In many fields, seniors are required to complete a thesis or capstone project. In addition, students are actively encouraged to participate in the annual "Student Research and Scholarship Symposium" in which students will introduce the research done in the past academic year. All courses at Wheeling University are guided by the Catholic tradition of excellence in education and the tradition of providing services to others. By combining learning, research, and economic development with classical knowledge and Christian revelation, the university seeks to promote competence, creativity, and innovation outside the entire campus community.

Campus Life

The main campus of Wheeling University is located in the city name Wheeling in West Virginia. Students of Wheeling University will have a series of opportunities to participate in campus activities. In addition to the activities already carried out by the club, the student government and campus activities committee also plan activities every year. Although many clubs are service-oriented in nature, there are also political, artistic, and major-related organizations. The Student Success Center is committed to ensuring the success of Wheeling University students. Faculty, staff, and students work together to create an enthusiastic and inclusive environment in which students can enhance academic, professional, and personal development. The Health Center is committed to promoting Wheeling University’s mission of achieving excellence in education and serving others by providing a holistic health care model. The health center embraces diversity in order to create an environment that promotes the appreciation of everyone's abilities. The dormitory is located in three residential areas: Kirby, Champion/McHugh, and Ignatius. The graduate dormitory is provided when the space and availability of the student dormitory allow.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of Wheeling University are John Beilein the head coach of Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team, country musician Lionel Cartwright, John N. Ellem the member of West Virginia House of Delegates, John Gage the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, and the member of the AFL-CIO executive committee, the head coach of Ocean City Nor'easters Neil Holloway, Kathleen Hawk Sawyer the director of Federal Bureau of Prisons, the member of West Virginia House of Delegates Erikka Lynn Storch, Jason H. Wilson the Ohio state senator, and Miss West Virginia USA Tara Wilson.

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