United States, Oregon

Western Oregon University (WOU) is situated in the city of Monmouth and is a public university who is imparting its wisdom since 1856. The university believes in producing students with a great sense of responsibility towards the world by giving them advanced teaching facilities and staff support. The WOU has a unique vision to aspire students with new technologies and adapt to the changes in the current market and draw profit out of it for students. Every year more than 4,929 students choose WOU as their academic venture, from which 500 students are from 50 different countries. The university believes that each student is special and WOU respects everyone for their character not because of caste and religion. WOU offers great programs for graduate and undergraduate levels in different fields such as Arts, Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Business, Education, Languages, History, Environment Science, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Marketing, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology and many more.

Campus Life

The quality of student life is what matters the most rather than the huge campuses in great locations; Western Oregon University believes the same and provides fascinating services to the students and staff members. The university has a 157-acres campus with decent construction that offers advanced & high-tech classes and different recreational services. WOU offers exciting on-campus activities such as Halloween games and parties, homecoming games, prom nights, theme dinners, and many more. The student organization and clubs work extensively hard to make life at campus intriguing so that students feel attached to the university. The on-campus accommodation and dining services offered by the university are reasonable and affordable so that students can use the services as an added incentive!

Noted Alumni

Since the first graduation held at Western Oregon University, the university has never lagged in producing great minds who went to achieve great heights in their respective domains. Some of the great alumni are Jeff Charleston – an American football player, New Orleans Saints. Brian Greene – an American football player who bagged many accolades for his attacking gameplay. Marco Hernandez – First Latino to serve as U.S. district court judge in Oregon. Moreover, the university offers great alumni services.