United States, Pennsylvania

One of the renowned private liberal arts colleges in Washington, Pennsylvania, is Washington and Jefferson College. This college came into existence in 1781 with the motive of the “Together We Thrive”. This private institute has many program options to offer to the students in the liberal arts courses like natural sciences, arts, humanities, languages, mathematics and so on. However, Washington and Jefferson College provides an internship and study abroad opportunity to gain practical exposure in the respective field, helping students gain an advantage in their job professionally. The college is also recognized as W&J.

Campus Life

The main campus is located in Pittsburgh and covers 60 acres of land that comprises many buildings. The residential amenity has been offered to make students feel comfortable and homecoming. U.G.Grantt Miller Library is the main library with a large collection of educational books, journals, and novels to increase students' knowledge. The majority of the class size is small so that learning and interaction are possible among the professors and the students. 99% of the lecturers are of full-time tenure. Washington and Jefferson College has many services to offer in scholarships as financial aid, gym, dining facility, transportation, science center and much more. Washington and Jefferson College actively takes part in the inter-college athletics competition. The campus is very safe and there is no nuisance found due to the tight security system on campus 24/7. The campus is very vibrant and joyful to elevate the mood of the students. The student clubs have undertaken an initiative to organize events and activities on campus like big bingo, dub jam, big city trip and so on.

Noted Alumni

The graduates have increased the goodwill of Washington and Jefferson College in the job market. Moreover, the students are placed in reputed companies globally and are connected to the college and professors. Some of the college's notable alumni are U.S. Senator- James G. Blaine, Father of Battlefield Medicine- Jonathan Letterman and many more.