United States, Texas

The University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA) was established in the year 1969. Since its foundation, the university's mission is the all-rounding development of the students and to provide the best learning practices so that they can contribute to transforming society. With great efforts, the university believes that it will shape a better future for humanity by developing effective and socially individuals in the near future. Every year 32,000 students choose the University of Texas-San Antonio as their second home, from which 1,800 students are from 99 different countries. The university offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields such as Arts, Business, Social Science, Computers and Technology, Engineering, and many more.

Campus Life

Quality student life is a vital asset that any university can provide. 600-acres of the enormous campus has everything that needs to be there for any student. The university provides 300 and more student organizations that offer students fun activities to participate and socialize with other fellow mates. The students' on-campus dining options are the best as they have different cuisines available and students can grab a bite in between the lectures. With the accommodation offerings for international students, they can have home-type feelings. With the amalgamation of the best teaching commodities and exciting on-campus activities, the campus life at the University of Texas-San Antonio is nothing the most cherishable dream.

Noted Alumni

Since the first graduation from the University of Texas-San Antonio took place, the university has never lagged in producing the great personalities dominating in their respective fields. Some of the great alumni are Travis Scott - famously known as the hip hop icon is a UTSA graduate. Dayana Devon – an eminent journalist. Michelle Denise Beadle is a sports reporter and host who most recently worked for ESPN.