University of Pennsylvania

United States, Pennsylvania

Situated in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania was established on November 14, 1740, about 279 years ago. It follows the motto of leges sine moribus vanae meaning Laws without morals are useless. It heads over four undergraduate and 12 graduate and professional schools relating to diverse subject matters. Penn 's founder and first President Benjamin Franklin endorsed a training program, similar to a modern Liberal Arts curriculum, which educated leaders on industry, the government and public service. The Wharton School of Business (1881) and The Perelman School of Medicine (1765) were among the first graduate and professional schools.

Campus Life

The University has maintained a very favorable Student-to-faculty ratio that stands at 6:1 for a total of 21,538 students. The total percentage of international students from this stands around 22% with a total of 4,859 students. The university has about 8% of acceptance rate. The university also has financial aid and grant-based financial aid services. Also, keeping in mind the safety of the students while on campus, the University has its private Police that goes by the name The University of Pennsylvania Police Department (UPPD). It comprises of 117 members who are all sworn officers of the municipality and retain all powers of General Law while on the campus. All University participants will find facilities that make the University feel like home, with various housing and food options, on and off campus. The Penn Museum and numerous galleries around the campus play a leading role in students' life, with outstanding performances in the fields of music, dance, theatre, culture and arts. Being a proud member of the Ivy League, the University maintains that the powerful Quakers participate in competitive team sports and are trained in high class training centers. The sports vary from Rugby, rowing, Cricket, Football and Basketball. The students also indulge in various activities and events that promote cultural understanding, arts, politics other aspects of life.

Noted Alumni

The College boasts of having eminent personalities not just of the contemporary world such as Elon Musk, President Donald Trump and Warren Buffet, but of also historical significance such as, James Wilson and Francis Hopkinson. The University has Supreme Court Justices, Governors, Senators, Signers of the U.S. Constitution, the signers of the Declaration of Independence and so on. Various Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners are affiliated with this university. IN conclusion, the University provides a top-class environment for all students to develop themselves into future world leaders.

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