United States, Nevada

Established in 1957, in the beautiful city of Paradise, Nevada, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) has undertaken accomplished a journey of success from a small branch institution to a fully accredited, research-oriented public university that it has become today. The University proudly announce its motto "Omnia Pro Patria" -All for Our Country, showing their dedication towards the country and community welfare. With an environment fostering creative ideas and innovation, the university is thriving towards becoming one of the top 100 universities of the nation. Highly reputed for granting doctoral degrees, University invested a whop of $83 million in 2018 to support the progressing research and development in the university. Furthermore, the University is distinguished for its diverse and dynamic environment that provides a free platform for each individual to express their ideas and peruse their dreams of success.

Campus Life

The gigantic campus of UNLV spread across 332 acres of land is located in the heart of the astonishing city. The university provides excellent on-campus accommodation along with world-class facilities like the dining hall, wellness and recreational centre, a library equipped with all the necessary books and a security and emergency centre. The university welcomes all the students with no discrimination between race, gender or nationality and involves everyone in a number of festivals, clubs and society for inter-cultural learning and growth. Apart from academics, the top-notch sports facilities provide students to explore the sportsman within them. UNLV is also a leading university for the most sustainable campus, practising sustainability not only within the campus but also the community around. Located in the prime area of the city, commutation is never a problem for the students.

Noted Alumni

The University is associated with leading professionals who are working on the frontline and credit their success to the strong education provides by UNLV. Some of the renowned alumni of the University are Gina Joy Carano who is an American actress, television personality, fitness model and former mixed martial artist, American composer, conductor, and speaker known for his choral, orchestral, and wind ensemble music- Eric Edward Whitacre, George Joseph Maloof Jr - successful American entrepreneur and businessman and Kenny Mayne- American Sports Journalist.