United States, Montana

Commenced with the motive of providing quality education and generating research, the University of Montana is situated in Missoula, Montana. This private research university was established in 1893. The city has remained an all-time favorite place for the students to choose from due to the natural scenic view and the river run through downtown. The University of Moncton has eleven different schools offering a wide range of programs in different fields like humanities and science, health profession, visual and performing arts, business, law, journalism and so on.

Campus Life

The main campus is in Missoula that rests on 56-acres of land and is located in the heart of the city where transportation is easily accessible for the students. There are other campuses namely Helena, Butte, Dillon and Hamilton. The South campus of the university is very large and has many amenities in it like residence, golf course, outdoor track facility and much more. The university tries to fulfill all the needs and requirements of students and try to make their college life more enriching. The university has many student organizations on campus to organize events and activities on-campus. There are programs available for the students in the form of a study abroad program for the students which would give them practical exposure in their area of study.

Noted Alumni

The alumni of the University of Montana have set a benchmark and recognition in their career which is a great contribution to boost the goodwill of their university at the world level. Some of the notable graduates are Musician- Colin Meloy, 21st Governor of Montana- Marc Racicot, Actor- J.K. Simmons, Founder of World River Day- Mark Angelo and many more.