United Kingdom, England

Advancing towards becoming one of the top universities of the U.K., Leicester University affirms its commitment towards international excellence, world-changing research and high quality, ambitious teaching. The university rejoices in the colours of diversity that students and staff from all over the globe bring to the campus. Founded in 1921 as a memorial to the Great War, the university has come a long way to anchor its name amongst the remarkable discoveries, academic and research eminence. Leicester is the birthplace of the crucial, globally remarkable invention of genetic fingerprinting and home of the team who found King Richard III. However, it is the strong research emphasized pedagogy of the University that has pushed its name to higher horizons and has become a key choice for the students to study in. Along with matchless infrastructure and highly-experienced eminent faculty members, the university's strong bonds with government bodies, other institutions and research organizations give students a limitless sky of opportunities to spread their wings. Further, to undertake commercialized research programs, the university established collaborations with industries. To ascertain post-graduation employment, the University organizes lectures, workshops and educational tours, skill development initiatives for students to drive-in aptitude for evolving technologies, career counseling and placement cells. 

Campus Life

The buildings of the closely packed campus display a wide range of timelessly classical architectural styles by iconic British architect- Sir James Stirling. The building reflects a deep relation between the form and function of the spaces in an innovative manner, cor-relating internal spaces with the exterior facade of the building. Attenborough Tower of the university houses the last paternoster lift of the U.K. The University's ethos aims for the integrated development of students, inclusive of physical, mental, extracurricular activities and cultural development. The vibrant campus of Leicester houses sports arenas, fitness centers, cafeterias, auditoriums, and parks. The campus life of students is established with the core principle of team spirit, interdisciplinary learning, quality learning and innovation.  

Noted Alumni

The university has its name associated with a lot of famous names, remarkable author, Philip Larkin, Kingsley Amis, Malcolm Bradbury, successful, leading started writing his first fiction novel when he was still a  student at Leicester and traits of his writing can be traced to the English literature taught by the professors at the university. For the fanatics of the classic and famous HBO show 'Game Of Thrones', Olyvar- Will Tudor was also a student of Leicester!