United States, Illinois

The foundation of the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) dates back to 1960 when some central citizens of Springfield have the vision to build a university in the home city. Finally, in 1969, the University of Illinois Springfield was established. Located in the city of Springfield where the students can have an astonishing academic environment and places to visit for leisure at the same time. The university believes in providing a unique student-centered environment and a cognitive campus life that will help students to contribute completely to society. Every year more than 4,700 students choose to be part of the University of Illinois Springfield, from which 13% of the total student body consists of international students coming from 50 different countries. The university welcomes every student with all the dignity and respects them as an individual. UIS offers great programs for graduate and undergraduate levels in various fields such as Arts, Accounts, Analytics, Anthropology, Languages, Athletic Studies, Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Science, Health Science, Social Science, Business & Marketing, Management, Communication, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, Dentistry, Finance, Film, Psychology and many more.

Campus Life

The University of Illinois Springfield has a huge 746-acres campus with a decent construction that provides a plethora of facilities to the students and staff members. Rather than focusing on the quantity of the services, the UIS believes in quality! The university offers exciting activities for students to get engage in the campus and make some great memories of life. The UIS offers more than 80 student organizations and clubs that provide great services and support to the students with event management, participation, getting socialize, orientation on the very first of university, prom nights, homecoming games, and many more. The university also offers exchange opportunities in different countries such as Australia, Canada, Botswana, China, Germany, The Gambia, Greece, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, Nicaragua, the United Kingdom, and Romania.

Noted Alumni

Over the years, the University of Illinois Springfield has produced more than 1,6,700 great alumni who went on to achieve great heights in their respective fields. Some of the alumni are Cheri Bustos - U.S. Representative, Illinois's 17th district (M.A. Public Affairs Reporting). Vince Demuzio - Illinois State Senator, 1975-2004. Gordon S. Heddell - United States Department of Defense inspector general. Russell Smith – an eminent movie producer.