United States, Indiana

The University of Evansville is a private university which is located in Evansville, Indiana. The city is considered the third-largest city in the province. Established in the year 1854, his private university was earlier known as Moores Hills Male and Female Collegiate Institute. Another name of the university is the EU. The University of Evansville is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Moreover, the total enrollment of the students in the university is nearly 2,312 every year. The educational programs run by the university ensure that the undergraduates get a learning ambiance and are able to interact with faculties freely. There are more than 80 programs in major run the university in different fields in three colleges and one school where the students can choose as per their area of interest like a business, health science, computer science, arts and so on. Moreover, the university has other graduate programs like leadership, physical therapy, public health, etc. This university invites students from different nations to pursue their higher education.

Campus Life

The university campus covers an area of 75 acres of land. The University of Evansville is highly maintained and is considered a nature-friendly campus where the students can get the benefit of a spacious garden. Olmsted Administration Hall is one of the oldest buildings of the University of Evansville. Apart from this, not only to serve academic programs rather provide on-campus services and facilities in the form of residence, health and wellness, dining, health and wellness centers and so on. Disabled students are taken care of by providing them with the academic accommodation service. To make a student's college life more enjoyable there are many recreational activities organized by the university organizations such as cultural events, Greek programs, leadership programs which help to develop skills of teamwork and others. The professors are highly educated and the average class size is 16 students. To reduce the financial burden of the students, financial aid has been provided to the students in the form of a scholarship of $29,727. The safety of the students is the topmost priority of the University of Evansville so they have tight security 24/7.

Noted Alumni

The University of Evansville has seen the great height of the success of its students for many years. The graduates have achieved their goal successfully and inspire the current students to focus on their aim through hard work and dedication. Some of the notable alumni are Producer and writer- Matt Williams, NBA player and Hall of Fame head coach- Jerry Sloan and many more.