United States, Connecticut

The University of Connecticut, also called UConn, was set up in 1881 by brothers Augustus Storrs and Charles as an agricultural school. Today, with more than 32,000 students seeking answers to crucial questions in school rooms and laboratories, it is now the top research university in Storrs, Connecticut. UConn’s commitment to higher education attracts students who flourish in the most competitive environment. The institute is composed of 14 schools and colleges, among which more than 30,000 students have provided choices of more than hundred degree programs. At the same time, the university’s 18 different global centers, colleges as well as programs provide students with a universal perspective making it a magnet for international students. UConn’s commitment to art has a long history. Along with an exclusive educational partnership with the Metropolitan Opera, it is one of only two universities that offer a puppetry degree.

Campus Life

The university's campus consists of diverse communities, activities and entertainment forms to make one feel at home. UConn sports events are just the tip of the iceberg! Learners can build their community by participating in more than 700 student organizations or clubs. Through its five cultural centers, learning about other cultures is more than just enlightening one’s mind. At UConn, there are a lot of popular, safe and free activities on campus. Along with a TV lounge, a cinema, a game room, and a food court, the Student Union has it all! Moreover, it has the highest proportion of students on any public university campus in the United States. Its housing assistance includes dormitories, suites and apartments, each with its facilities.

Noted Alumni

The university’s long-term commitment to producing highly qualified graduates chalks out the path of success for its former sophomores. The well-known personalities include basketball stars Diana Taurasi and Ray Allen, actress Meg Ryan, political scientists Edward C. Banfield and Richard Dekmejian, NASA astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz and Richard Mastracchio, environmental artist Ned Kahn and many more. The strong community has more than 255,000 alumni worldwide!