United Kingdom, England

The University of Bath is located in one of the magnificent cities of the UK, Somerset, England, and is recognized for and named after the Roman-built baths, Bath. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gratitude to the Roman heritage and Georgian construction. The University is famous for holding the Royal Charter in 1966 and is currently renowned in the top 10 Universities of the UK with eminence for its expertise in Teaching and Research. Bath University has expertise in its four faculties: Management, Science, Humanities and Social Science and Engineering and Design. The University's main campus is located on Calverton Down, a site facing the city of Bath, and was purposely built in 1964 in the contemporary style of the time. The educational departments, professional services, research centres, facilities and campus services that concoct the University.

Campus Life

The main Dynamic campus is located right on the fringe of the cosmopolitan city of Bath. It provides superb sporting, social and cultural opportunities. Bath offers a wide range of courses to choose from, and 2 /3 of the University's courses have achieved position in the top 10 Universities nationwide. It offers both specific and collective courses, as well as placements and study abroad opportunities, that manifests that the University has numerous choices for the students. The university emphasizes on evolving its students for the world of work and is located on one of the intact campus sites in the UK, with a stone throw away to all facilities.

Noted Alumni

The former students that have gone on to achieve great positions in Academic, Business, Arts and Sports are Professor Douglas G. Altman, Tony Kendle, Ash Atalla, Natalie Down and Simon Willison, David Bull CBE , Kelly Gallagher MBE .