United States, Alaska

The beautiful city of Alaska, which provides the best environment for study as it has stunning locations such as rainforest, tundra, and mountains is home to its own University of Alaska System. The university was established in early 1917. The University of Alaska System is an integration of three universities, settled in 13 different campuses. UA has a very unique motto that says, “To The Highest Point”, and the university provides superlative programs with the great acquaintance of professors who are always ready to help. As the city of Alaska is not that dense in population, it gives students the freedom to get settled in! Every year more than 26,641 students choose the University of Alaska System as their academic venture, from which 1,800 students are international students. All three universities namely, UA – Southeast, UA – Fairbanks, and UA – Anchorage welcomes international students with open arms and respect their traditions. The university offers a great 585 different degree & certificate programs and 125 distinctive eLearning programs.

Campus Life

UA tends to deem that, the quality of campus life is what every student desires, and not providing one is an injustice to students. In order to maintain the integrity and dignity of UA, the university offers stellar on-campus activities to the students, such as music concerts, feasts, and many other group activities. The on-campus café and restaurants offer great dining options to the students where everyone can grab a bite and socialize over it. Settled in the most adventurous locations, students can participate in off-campus activities such as river-rafting, paragliding, snowkiting, snowboarding, and many more. All three universities of the UA system offer on-campus accommodation to the students at a very affordable rate. Moreover, the university provides great opportunities for students in sports such as volleyball, swimming, ice-hockey, basketball, and many more.

Noted Alumni

The University of Alaska System has produced more than 110,000 alumni over the years. The UA system has its successful people in almost all the fields such as sports, TV & cinema, politics, and many more. On top of that, the university offers great alumni services such as annual alumni meetups, fundraising for the underprivileged, club meetings, and support for startups. Graduating from the University of Alaska has its perks!