United Kingdom, England

Established in 1932, The Courtauld Institute of Art, normally alluded to as The Courtauld, is a self-administering college of the University of London gaining practical experience in the investigation and conservation of the historical art of craftsmanship and protection. The craftsmanship assortment of the Institute is known especially for its French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist canvases and is housed in the Courtauld Gallery. Situated in London, United Kingdom, The Courtauld institute and gallery both are constituted in Somerset House in Strand, London which is indeed undergoing a major renovation. The institute offers a thorough study of history, conservation and architecture to around 400 students annually. With 95% of research rated in the top two categories, The Courtauld has undergraduate courses like BA in the history of Art and post-graduate courses like history of art, conservation of wall painting, curating and history of Buddhist art. 

Campus Life

The Courtauld has the institute and gallery merged in the Somerset Building at the centre of the town. It has two photographic libraries having the collections of two benefactors: the Conway Library, which has the architectural drawings, sculpture and illuminated manuscripts and the Witt Library, covering paintings, drawings and engravings. Both the libraries are one of the UK’s biggest collection of history books and exhibits. 40,000 images of paintings and drawings and over 35,000 images of architecture and sculpture are available for exhibition online. The Courtauld Gallery is the centre of the art collection of the institute. The gallery contains 530 paintings and around 26,000 scales and drawings. 

Noted Alumni

Famous people to attend the institute are Ernst Vegelin (Head of Courtauld Gallery), Jeremy Deller (Installation artist), Noah Horowitz (Historian and Director of Art Basel’s Show), Gabriele Finaldi (British Art Historian and curator).