United States, Louisiana

Southern University and A&M College are one of the renowned university which was established in the year 1880. This public university was earlier known as Southern University of the colored students. Southern University and A&M College are situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which offers programs in the field of education, arts, humanity, business, law, agriculture, nursing and so on. This university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).This university is the largest public historically black university in the city. The academic affiliation of Southern University and A and M College is TMSF, ORAU and APLU. Students from vivid nations are welcomed in this university to pursue their higher education in their respective area of interest.

Campus Life

Southern University and A&M College campus cover 512 acres of land, wherein the 312 acres have been utilized for the agricultural experiment. The campus is very large which comprises many buildings and a residence hall. The student's services provided on the campus are residence, dining, scholarships. The library of the college was named after John Brother Cade who remained the first principle of the Southern University that is John B. Cade library which has a large collection of books and journals and nearly 1800 recordings. There are recreational activities and events organized on-campus every year to ensure the growth and development of the students. The recreational department of the university organizes many activities and events on campus for the students like the marching band, Legacy of Lacumba and much more.

Noted Alumni

Southern University and A&M College have seen many success stories of their students which has to boost the goodwill of the university globally. The alumni of the college have achieved their goals successfully in their respective fields and recognized by prestigious awards. Some of the scholarly people Engineer- Morgan Watson, English Professor and Dean of the Graduate school- Blyden Jackson and many more.