United States, Pennsylvania

Saint Joseph's University was founded in 1851 and was established by the group of Jesus in Philadelphia's beautiful city. The university believes that every student is multidimensional and not just any student, also the university gives freedom and encouragement to grow mentally, spiritually, personally, and creatively. Saint Joseph's University's mission is to guide students on the path to seeking the greater good, living purpose, and finding the almighty God in all things. Every year 8,000 students choose SJU as their academic venture, from which 82 students are from various other countries. The university wholeheartedly welcomes every individual. SJU offers various programs for undergraduate and graduate levels in different areas such as Accounting & Law, Arts, Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Business, Education, Languages, History, Environment Science, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Marketing, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Campus Life

The university is campus is of huge 114-acres and has almost everything that any student needs. SJU provides stellar on-campus activities for the students so that they can enjoy while achieving outstanding academics. The university allows students to showcase themselves and make their impact whenever required. The on-campus accommodation and dining facilities provided by Saint Joseph's University gives international students a home-type feeling. The Success Center has a scope of services, including peer coaching, group study sessions, and specialized help for first-generation scholars, commuters, transfer students, and student-athletes. Popularly known as the Hawks, the varsity team opens their doors every year the fresh and new talents.

Noted Alumni

Since the first graduation took place the university has never lagged in producing great minds who went on to do exceptional things. Some of the great alumni are Jameer Lamar Nelson, an American former professional basketball player, John Francis Lehman Jr. - an American investment banker and writer who served as Secretary of the Navy and Major General Charles J. Dunlap Jr. - retired in February 2010 as the Deputy Judge Advocate General, Headquarters U.S. Air Force.