United Kingdom, Scotland

Part of the Federation of Drama Schools, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow is a conservatoire of music, dance, drama, production and film and was founded in 1847. It is Scotland’s busiest performing arts venue with more than 500 public performances every year and has over 1000 lecturers, artists, tutors, coordinators, technicians and support staff who are some of the best production and performing artists in the UK. Formerly known as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, it currently receives visits from artists like Nadine George, Nicola Benedetti, Giles Havergal, Sir James MacMillan and Jessica Cottis. The music teachers of the university are part of the national orchestras, film lecturers doing projects across the globe and its drama tutors working with professional companies. The teaching staffs of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland have won several titles including the Music Tutor of the Year, British Composer Award, Gramophone Award, Jazz Educator of the Year and BBC Music Magazine Award. It consists of the School of Music, the School of Drama, Dance, Production and Film and the Junior Conservatoire for young people.

Campus Life

It offers several facilities including performance spaces like the Alexander Gibson Opera Studio, the Ledger Room, the New Athenaeum Theatre, Stevenson Hall and the Chandler Studio along with sixty-five private practice rooms for students learning music with music stands, chairs and pianos among which eleven are completely reserved for pianists. It also provides various rooms for the Scottish Music department, professional recording studios including one in the Opera School and eight rehearsal and coaching rooms. The New Athenaeum Theatre which is the main performing venue of the Royal Conservatoire offers Stage Automation Training with its automated flying system. The archives of the conservatoire include historical ephemera charts and papers about its institutional and performance history in Scotland and its second campus called the Wallace Studios at Speirs Locks was designed by Malcolm Fraser which currently has several rehearsal spaces and enhanced facilities for its students.

Noted Alumni

The most notable alumni of the conservatoire include Ani Batikian, Fiona Bell, Micheal Angelis, Cora Bissett, James Fullarton Arnott and Maureen Beattie along with Stephen Ashfield.