United States, New York

Rockefeller University is one of the renowned private universities established in the year 1901 with the motive of science for the benefit of humanity. The university is one of the oldest biomedical colleges which is located in New York city of the United States. Rockefeller University offers programs in full-time and part-time degrees in bioscience, clinical science, chemistry and so on. The university invites students worldwide to pursue their higher education. According to the survey, 38 Nobel laureates have been affiliated with the university.

Campus Life

Rockefeller University campus covers 16 acres of land located at the city's Manhattan eastside. The university has recently set up another campus which would be utilized for the research purpose. The name of the new campus is David Rockefeller River Campus. The university has nine different buildings that provide services to the students such as libraries, labs, restaurants and much more. Students are offered residential services on campus which are highly equipped and fully furnished. There is also tight security for 24/7 on-campus. There are recreational activities and events organized on-campus every year to ensure students' growth and development. The university actively participates in the Open House New York, which is a cultural event. The guest lectures are organized to address the students about the current scenario as well as share some useful information and knowledge with them.

Noted Alumni

Rockefeller University has seen many success stories of their students, which boosts the university's goodwill globally. The university alumni have achieved their goals successfully in their respective fields and recognized by prestigious awards. Some of the university's scholarly people are physicists and philosophers- David Albert, Durfee Professor of philosophy at Stanford University- Michael Bratman and many more.