United States, Virginia

Regent University is a private Christian university in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The university was founded by Pat Robertson in 1977 as Christian Broadcasting Network University and was renamed Regent University in 1990. Regent University offers traditional campus courses and distance education. The university offers associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees from a Christian perspective in more than 135 program areas, including business, communication and art, cybersecurity and technology, theology, education, government, law, leadership, nursing, and healthcare, And psychology. Since its inception, Regent University has been committed to changing the world. The school’s motto is "Christian Leaders Who Change the World", which shows people’s desire to influence global lives. The Regent achieves this vision by consistently offering outstanding graduate and undergraduate programs online and on-campus to prepare Christian leaders for important goals and service lives. The mission of Regent University is to provide Christian leaders with a quality education that will change the world through a biblical perspective and a global background.

Campus Life

Regent University is strategically located on the southeast coast of Virginia, only 16 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and a metropolitan area with 1.6 million residents. The campus of Regent University covers an area of ​​70 acres and is a historic neo-Georgian building located in the coastal city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Regent University Virginia Beach jointly provides students with knowledge and beliefs. Regent’s student life can help students develop friendships and make them stronger. The christ-centered character can help them achieve their goals and have a vision. The University Library Building is the seat of the University Library, and Robertson Hall is the seat of the government, law and undergraduate study schools. The Communication and Performing Arts Center is home to the School of Communication and Arts. It is a 135,000-square-foot building with two theaters, a production studio, a sound field, a projection theater, and a backyard. The administrative building and administrative offices include the Education College. The classroom building houses the business and leadership school and the psychology and counseling school.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of Regent University, Virginia Beach are Sharon Weston Broome the former Louisiana state senator and current mayor-president of Baton Rouge & East Baton Rouge Parish, the famous writer named Jennifer Elvgren, Robertson School of Government graduate Susan Richmond, Tony Hale an actor best known as Buster Bluth on the TV show Arrested Development, Gordon James Klingenschmitt the former Navy chaplain, Air Force officer, and an elected member of the Colorado legislature, Charles Martin an author, Bob McDonnell the former Virginia governor, Jason Upton a graduate of the School of Divinity, and also a Contemporary Christian musician, Antonio Zarro the winner of a Student Academy Award for his 1986 student film Bird in a Cage, and Daniel Kelly the former justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.