United States, New Jersey

Established as the College of New Jersey in 1746, this globally renowned university was officially renamed as ‘Princeton University’ in 1869. The Collegiate Gothic style architecture adds vibrancy to the university. Often it is regarded as ‘periscope’ in the sea of global crisis because of its vow to innovation and serving society. The university incorporates pragmatic teaching prospects, making it a magnet for international students worldwide. Princeton is dynamic and casual. The graduate school offers advanced degrees covering social sciences, natural science, humanities and engineering with most disciplines offering doctoral education. Besides, various masters programs are designed to prepare sophomores for careers in professional practice and public life. Moreover, one can find fascinating boutiques, popular stores that appeal to shopper’s attention from all over the globe. The Shopping Centers in the city have a unique blend of gourmet food stores and fine cafeterias. Princeton rejoices central New Jersey and a transit network that puts it a quick train ride away from Philadelphia and New York City.

Campus Life

Princeton promises a multicultural environment afar the classroom! In 2011, it was even selected by Travel + Leisure as one of the most alluring campuses in America. Individuals are ablest by the limitless paths to explore and follow new interests as well as developing connections. The 500-acre campus has 180 buildings and ten libraries, making them a tourist attraction. In addition, recreational activity extends from Gymnasium, Intramural Sports, and Dodge ball to even Chocolate making! There's an opportunity for endless discovery of one's interest. More than 300 student organizations host Cultural Events, Recreational Outings, and Public Service to abound a learner's overall experience. In fact, Princeton University is nationally acknowledged for providing high-quality residential life with dining facilities on the campus.

Noted Alumni

The University has seen its fair share of eminent personalities like US President- Woodrow Wilson, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Supreme Court Justice- Sonia Sotomayor. Moreover, 68 noble laureates, 15 field medalists, and 14 Turing Award laureates have been affiliated with Princeton University as alumni, faculty members, or researchers. Undoubtedly, all the eminent former grads affiliated with the institute are flourishing in their respective fields across the globe. This whacking alumni network is bridged together with 165 regional alumni associations globally.