United States, Ohio

Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) is a public liberal arts university located in Delaware, just 20 minutes drive to the north of the state capital, Columbus. Laid its foundation in 18421, the university provides a transformational experience to the students that will help them to achieve their life goals. OWU is one of the profound members of the Great Lakes Colleges Association and has its accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. With the student to faculty ratio of 10:1, the students can work closely with the faculties and can build a brighter future. Moreover, various internship and research opportunities offered by the university help the students to apply their theoretical knowledge on a practical basis and can have a positive academic impact. Along with 90 professional majors in arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, the university also offers some travel-learning courses especially for those who want to experience global learning. Ranging from business administration to film studio all the courses are offered here. To earn a degree from OWU is still a dream to many.

Campus Life

Located on Sandusky Street, which the heart of Delaware, lies the university’s 200-acres campus. This street informally divides the campus into two sectors. The eastern sector mainly consists of academic buildings, and the western sector composes a residential as well as few academic buildings. The Jaywalk, a town square connecting the east and west sector is the heart of the campus. It is generally crowded, with the students throughout the day. For social engagement, students can be a part of more than 90 student clubs and organizations, on-campus events, and other community services. To burn calories, students hit the Edwards Gymnasium or engage themselves with some recreational activities at the fitness center. Sports aspirants involve themselves in the university athletic team, which competes in the NCAA Division III North Coast Athletic Conference. Overall, the campus life at OWU is super-colossal, whatever you want you to find it here.

Noted Alumni

Ohio Wesleyan University has a huge alumni network named as the “OWU Alumni Network”. Graduates can be a part of it and can offer career advices to the current aspirants. Over the years, OWU has given many alumni who are doing well in their field of expertise. Some of the notable alumni are Shirin R. Tahir-Kheli - an American political scientist, Byron Pitts - an American journalist and author working for ABC News, William C. Hsiao - an American economist, and Ezra Feivel Vogel - a Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University.