United States, Louisiana

Established in 1884, Northwestern State University of Louisiana is a very student-oriented responsive university that is committed to creating and establishing knowledge and education through the means of innovative teaching techniques, researchers, and services. It was the first school in Louisiana to offer degree programs. The university has a diverse student population with its certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs contributing to a global community with its dedication and improvement towards its region, state, and nation. Northwestern State University offers more than 50-degree programs. It has an enrolment of 9833 students with a rural setting and campus. 

Campus Life

Although the university was initially a regional institution it now offers education at satellite locations like Leesville, Shreveport, and Alexandria with an aim to enhance the learning college experience of all the students on campus covering 916 acres. Along with academics, these locations are also involved in developing student life programs. The campuses include academic facilities, office space for faculty and staff with bookstores, other related facilities, and activities of the organizations. The student media includes student-run weekly newspapers, yearbooks, magazines, radio stations, and television stations. The Northwestern State Demons and Lady Demons are their athletic teams that compete at the NCAA Division I level. At the Northwestern State University recreation is of equal importance and hence the university provides a Recreation Complex is a unique facility that provides students with a county club atmosphere to relax and unwind. 

Noted Alumni

Northwestern State University Foundation and the alumni association is a strong group with a well-developed network along with its spread campuses. Some of its spoken alumni members are William Tharp Cunningham, judge of the 11th Judicial District in Natchitoches and Red River parishes, Charles Milton Cunningham (1877–1936), educator, attorney, publisher of The Natchitoches Times, and Lindsey Evans, the model, known for being in the music video Blurred Lines.