United States, Maryland

The Loyola University of Maryland, founded in 1852, is the oldest university in Loyola State and one of the world's longest-lived Jesuit universities. The institution is named after St. Ignatius of Loyola who endowed the Jesuit Society. It is one of the four Loyola universities in the United States, but the sole one in the Northeast region. With the mission to actively inspire students, Loyola provides every learner with everything that broadened their visions as well as values. LUM has three schools that separate liberal arts, business and education subjects. Its marketing and engineering courses are generally well honored. Students here can choose from over 35 undergraduate majors and more than 20 graduate programs. Besides, more than half of LUM students study abroad in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Campus Life

With the other two enthralling campuses located in Columbia and Timonium, campus life here at Loyola University is unmatched in a real sense! At Loyola, one gets ample opportunities to welcome novel perception to broaden their horizon. Over 200 clubs and organizations on campus serve a wide range of choices to indulge in anything from special-interest groups, honor societies and academic clubs to service ventures like Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation, which gives elder and homeless community various services. Besides, the on-campus residential facility comprises a large community sufficient to enthuse one, however small enough to be warm and welcoming.

Noted Alumni

Loyola proudly boasts its 70,000 alumni who are flourishing worldwide. The renowned former grads are known for the entrepreneurial, innovative, professional, technical and scientific skills acquired in Loyola. Some of them include writer Tom Clancy who has written various Cold War spy thrillers. Further in the list are CEO of Cigna Edward Hanway, Judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals Robert A. Zarnoch, former Maryland Secretary of State R. Karl Aumann, Maryland State Senator Bryan Simonaire, administrator of NASA Michael D. Griffin, former soccer player Michael Burke and many more.