United States, Pennsylvania

Lafayette College is a private liberal arts institution located in Easton, Pennsylvania. Established in 1826, it is a prestigious small liberal arts school that combines a close learning environment with the feeling of high school students. In an environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas, the college seeks to cultivate the ideas of inquirers and integrate knowledge, social and personal growth. The college is committed to developing pupil’s critical thinking, verbal communication as well as quantitative reasoning skills and their ability to make innovative efforts. Lafayette institution offers degrees in more than 50 fields including social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and engineering. Lafayette is one of the few universities that offer degrees in specific disciplines of engineering and humanities. Although engineering has unified first-year teaching to allow students to choose a major, there are six majors in different engineering fields.

Campus Life

The beautiful campus overlooking the historic Delaware River brings one an unparalleled experience along with the intimate atmosphere of the school. Lafayette is a diverse and active community closely related to education. Almost all learners live on campus where they enjoy a variety of social, cultural, artistic and sports activities. Lafayette students participate in more than 250 clubs and organizations, including sports, fraternities and special societies, special interest groups, community service clubs and honor societies. There is something that will suit everyone’s lifestyle and leisure pursuit. Lafayette College's sports program is known for its competition with nearby Lehigh University. Besides, the college is committed to providing safe and comfortable on-campus housing, encouraging academic success and personal growth.

Noted Alumni

Lafayette College commemorates 50 years of cooperative education by celebrating the success of its notable alumni. Some of the famous alumni like chairman and Filipino presidential candidate Eduardo Cojuangco Jr., author Jay Parini, politician William E. Simon, actor Burr McIntosh, inventor Don Lancaster and Mayor of Philadelphia Harry Arista Mackey are affiliated with the college. Throughout the year, the Alumni Association is dedicated to serving its former graduates by providing them with various kinds of services along with facilities.