United States, Ohio

Kent State University is a public research university in Kent, Ohio, which imparts a world-class education to all the students that come through its portals. The university has more than 38,000 students enrolled in their seven campuses along with aspiring international candidates from over 98 countries. With deep roots in history, Kent State University bestows leadership qualities, values, priorities, ranging from business, healthcare, and world-class education. 

Campus Life

Students get the authentic student university experience with live music venues, outbound sessions, and there's much more for every candidate at KSU. On-campus student housing, and over 18 dining facilities serving delicious food at food trucks on-campus make this University a favourite among students. 

Noted Alumni

KSU has something for every candidate, which is the Alumni Awards 2020 for their strong 2,57,000 alumni graduates with extra-ordinary skills. Over 4,200 Alumni volunteering hours are what the current and future KSU candidates get in terms of educational advice to make a definite overwhelming career spotlight. Michael Keaton, Drew Carey, Connie Schultz have started their impressive journies from KSU.