United States, Kansas

Manhattan, a picturesque city, situated in Kansas, is home to its very own eminent Kansas State University, commonly known as K-State! KSU was established late in 1863 and since then the university has witnessed a pure augmentation of success. Since 1916, the university has constantly been authorized by the Higher Level Commission of North Central Colleges and School in the United States. KSU has a clear mission to produce highly talented students with a skill that will undoubtedly transform society and make the world a better place to live. Every year the university averagely welcomes 21,791 students from which 2,000 are international students. KSU firmly believes in providing a cognitive, comprehensive, and welcoming atmosphere so that students can socialize and can evolve together as a team. The university offers an ample amount of different programs for undergraduate and graduate studies. The perplexity of students to get the best knowledge and home-like feeling from one organization ends at KSU!

Campus Life

The main campus of KSU is situated in “The Little Apple”(Manhattan), which provides students an opportunity to witness the city's beauty and the studies. Kansas State University has 475 student organization that offers fascinating events and activities to the students. Those organizations make sure that KSU never has a dull day in the year! The inclusive on-campus accommodation options offered by the university are perfect for international students. University believes that physical health is equally important as academics. The striking sports and recreation center provides various sports and gym related facilities to the students to take care of their health. Moreover, the Information System Assistance Center works on the queries related to computers, laptops, on-campus Wifi, printing services and many more. With the excellent teaching facilities and assistance at every step, KSU is like a Margherita with extra cheese!

Noted Alumni

Since the first graduation held at KSU, the university has consistently produced great alumni that work extensively great in various fields like arts, authors, films and television, politics, and many more. Some of the great alumni are Sam Brownback – former Kansas governor and US senator. The first vice-president Kelly Dubbert, many more.