United States, Ohio

Dwelled in the city of Hiram, Hiram College is a private liberal arts college which as established in early 1850. The college is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is working towards the progress of society by providing advanced teaching facilities to the students. The only mission of Hiram College is to encourage students with more intellectual knowledge and social responsibility which will help them to develop an outstanding professional career. Every year more than 2,500 students choose Hiran College as a gateway to success. The college welcomes every individual with an open heart and respect every opinion. Hiram offers great programs in different fields such as Arts, Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Business, Education, Languages, History, Environment Science, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Marketing, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology and many more.

Campus Life

Hiram College has a stellar 110-acres of campus which has almost everything to offer! The college provides great activities to make certain that the students are feeling occupied on the university grounds and that they are enjoying their educational undertakings. The student organization and clubs exert significantly rigid to make sure that there is not a single monotonous moment on the campus. Activities such as music concerts, dance competitions, intramural games, homecoming games, theme dinners, and many more such activities create a center of attention for the students to the campus. The on-campus housing and dining services are stirring, easily obtainable, and sensible. The college has an exclusive principle that students should feel like they are in the home away from the home for the academic venture!

Noted Alumni

Over the year, Hiram College has gifted the world with great minds. Some of the alumni are Jean Ankeney – politician, nurse. Edna Allyn – first librarian of the Hawaii State Library. Miner Searle Bates – historian, and college professor, and administrator. Laura Bell – author. Robert Biscup – orthopedic surgeon. Howard Junior Brown – physician, gay rights advocate. Moreover, the college offers distinguished alumni facilities to the graduates.