United States, Illinois

Harper College is a public academic institution founded in 1965 at Palatine, Illinois as a primary junior college. With a location in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, every year more than 35,000 choose the Harper College option distinctive disciplines that assist students for higher education in universities. The college offers students associate, advanced, certificate, accelerated, and professional programs to choose from to pursue academics most uniquely. Along with several academic opportunities, there are several volunteering opportunities, community events, athletic & sports, expert lectures, and seminars, all for the candidates' intellectual and overall development. Moreover, Harper College trains students for higher education and relevant work prospects to those students who want to enter the corporate world. Staying within the Harper College campus, there are several diverse aspects to explore within the Harper College Community and campus events. 

Campus Life

All beyond the collegiate experience, there are several aspects of the campus life at Harper College that inspire students to become tomorrow's leaders. One of the major considerations about the student's life is the Harper College Hawks which is the sporting name by which the athletic group is much well-known. Students every year participate in several championships of sports like Football, Track & Field, Cross Country, Wrestling, Women's basketball, and Women's volleyball in the NJCAA National Division III and NCAA National Division III segments. There are facilities for the baseball & softball field, gymnasium, stadium, tennis courts, weight room, student involvement center, library, and academic labs, and many more on-campus. The campus also has a Harper Student Community which is a student organization of more than 1,400 students leaving and staying on-campus enjoying the campus life entirely.

Noted Alumni

Harper College Alumni Association does the needful for sustaining relevant connections between the graduates and the Harper College. Also, there is a distinctive Harper Connect portal for international alumni to stay connected virtually. The portal provides alumni with all the latest updates about the alumni events, seminars, workshops, and alumni-student campus programs. The volunteering alumni association on the campus by Support Harper Students initiatives provides alumni with a great opportunity to assist the current aspirants and give back to the Harper College and alumni community. Alumni can connect with their classmates and even enhance their professional network for career prospects. Notable alumni graduates of the Harper College are Quincy Black, Curtis Blaydes, Will Brooks, Mauro Fiore, Dave Kingman, and John Loprieno.