United States, Iowa

Located in Grinnell, Iowa, the Grinnel College was founded in 1846 and declared a private and coed science college. Grinnell College believes in providing diverse, educational, and social opportunities to the students to give it back to society. The college’s vision is straight forward that they want Grinnell to emerge as a world-class educational organization which prepares students for anything that comes into their way and can contribute to the city, the state, and the nation. Every year, 5000 students choose to be a part of Grinnell College, from which nearly 800 students are from 50 different countries. The faculty to students ratio is 1:20 so that each student can get the personalized attention and have all the alliances they want. Grinnell College offers many different programs of Arts, Liberal Arts, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Business, Engineering, Chemistry, Applied Science, and many more.

Campus Life

The quality of campus life is what every student demands from the college/universities. Grinnell college provides stellar student life on campus. Whether it is academics or activities on campus, Grinnell college gives the best of both worlds. The college believes in self-governance to lead and participate in the discussion to make their college life a memorial. The student organizations work extensively hard to make sure that students can have fun alongside academics. Grinnell gives very high importance to arts as the college believes that arts are one of the ways by which education and social conventions are imparted to the students. Different musicians, theatre groups, dancers, and others come under one roof to express, teach, and exhibit. The intramural games and athletics at Grinnell are as good as the studies they provide.

Noted Alumni

Over the years, Grinnell College has excellent records when it comes to producing great alumni. Some of the alumni are William A. Noyes, an analytical and organic chemist who made pioneering determinations of atomic weights. Robert Noyce - co-founder of Intel, co-inventor of the integrated circuit, National Medal of Science recipient. Moreover, Gary Cooper, the Academy Award-winning actor, best known for High Noon.