United States, Pennsylvania

Established in 1787, Franklin and Marshall College is a private liberal arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It has 175 full-time faculty members and approximately 2,400 full-time students. The college explores the forefront of knowledge and sets new standards for academic excellence. The college’s personalized education encourages students to discover and expand their ambitions. It represents important things and establishes a community that values ​​common interests. Franklin & Marshall College is a boarding college dedicated to excellent university general education. Its purpose is to inspire a sincere and lasting love of learning for young people with vision and different backgrounds, teach them to read, write and think critically, instill in them the ability to act independently and cooperatively, and educate them to explore and understand them The natural, social and cultural world in which you live. By doing so, the college is committed to cultivating students’ intelligence, creativity, and character qualities so that they can lead a fulfilling life and make meaningful contributions to their profession, community, and the world.

Campus Life

Franklin and Marshall University's campus is situated in a city named Lancaster in Pennsylvania. Franklin and Marshall University provides university accommodation in a unique way, more than 140 active student clubs and organizations, dozens of fitness classes, clubs and wall sports teams, its own art gallery, and a wealth of opportunities to participate in voluntary service for students Provides a vibrant life campus life experience to complement their academic pursuits. Activities in student groups, art, civic participation, and sports and entertainment activities, by allowing students to build new friendships, create meaningful and memorable community experiences, and discover important life lessons outside the classroom, thereby enhancing university teaching Culture and make the most of their time in college. F&M's college dormitory is more than just a place to hang out, sleep, and study. Campus Catering provides a novel and attractive catering service plan that provides delicious cuisine, honest value, and a comfortable environment in various locations, and you can walk to almost any location on the campus.

Noted Alumni

Notable alumni of Franklin & Marshall College include Edwin R. Keedy a Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Albert Clay appointed as the first William M. Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature at Yale University in 1910, Nobel Prize-nominated medical researcher Theodore E. Woodward, Academy Award-winning film director Franklin Schaffner, Kenneth Duberstein a White House Chief of Staff under Ronald Reagan, Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, Academy Award-nominated actor Roy Scheider, House Majority Whip William H. Gray, and Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright James Lapine, United States Army Major Richard Winters, a notable commander of the 506th who parachuted into Normandy.