United States, Kansas

Emporia State University (ESU) was the first teacher training school in the state of Kansas, founded in 1865. It started out as one teacher and his class of 18 students working in a room at the top of a secondary school. There are now over 80 programs of study at ESU organized through four faculties: the School of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Library and Information Management, and the Teachers College.

Campus Life

Emporia State University is a comprehensive university and student-centered institution whose motto is to develop lifelong learning skills that impart society’s cultural heritage, educate, and prepare students for professional careers and advanced study. 77% of the students here prefer to stay on-campus with all the lively facilities. Along with that, it has an NCAA II Collegiate athletic association which gives a good opportunity to student-athletes at ESU.

Noted Alumni

Some of the famous notable alumni of Emporia State University are Fran Welch- American football player, Garin Higgins- American football coach, Joseph H. Hill- American educator, Steve Shifflett- Baseball player, Al Feuerbach- American athlete, Jory Collins- Basketball coach, Deborah Raney- American writer, John Conover Nichols- American Politician, Jeff Longbine- Kansas State Senate, and Jack Sinagra- American Politician.