United States, Pennsylvania

Dwelled in the city of Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown College is a private college that was established in the year 1899. Elizabethtown College is one of many higher learning institutions founded in the 19th century by churches or church members interested in the educational advancement of their denominational membership. The college is a proactive manner where they develop the programs and curriculum based on the moving trends of the market which gives faculties the experience to impart the wisdom to the students. Every year more than 1,700 students choose Elizabethtown College as their academic venture. The college offers great programs in different fields such as Arts, Biology & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Business, Education, Languages, History, Environment Science, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Marketing, Management, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology and many more.

Campus Life

Elizabethtown College is situated in one of the most beautiful city which gives students the opportunity to explore different things in the town. The college offers excellent services to the students such as a library with a collection of millions of books, counseling services, personalized attention by the professors, theme dinners, intramural games, and many more. The campus is home to many academic and non-academic buildings that work for the betterment of the students. The college believes that physical health is also essential and for that, the campus offers exciting recreational services and different sports such as basketball, Tennis, Tracks, Wrestling, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Swimming, and Lacrosse. With the perfect amalgamation of great teaching commodities and fascinating campus life, Elizabethtown is the epitome of wonderland!

Noted Alumni

Since the first graduation, Elizabethtown College has never lagged in producing great minds who are serving the world. Some of the great alumni are Richard L. Bond, Former Chief Executive Officer, Tyson Foods. Carl Bowman - Sociologist / Author / Educator, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Virginia. Nelson Chittum – an eminent American MLB player. Moreover, the colleges offer great alumni services by forming an alumni network around the globe.