United States, Indiana

Established in 1847, Earlham College is one of the most renowned college situated in Richmond, Indiana, United States. This college is a liberal arts college. This private college was set up by the Religious Society of Friends. The mission of the college was only to provide quality of education in the liberal arts and extensive opportunities to the students with high morale of standards of personal conduct. Moreover, Earlham College has many programs to offer in the bachelor's, masters, and religious education in art, chemistry, biology, computer science, global management, etc.

Campus Life

Earlham College covers 800 acres of land which comprises many buildings and centers. The undergraduate and the biology department of the college maintains the Joseph Moore Museum that doesn't charge money from the visitors. The students are provided with the accommodation facility in the residence hall style. The campus has 8 different residence halls with full facilities and a highly developed infrastructure. Earlham College has been considered as one of the best colleges to initiate the wilderness program for the students. This event was designed for the first year batches who received credit for them. The college has other teams that are Women's and Men's rugby, Men's volleyball, outdoor clubs and much more.

Noted Alumni

The alumni of the college have achieved great heights of success in different professions like engineering, health, government sector, education and so on. The majority of the graduates have earned name and fame globally and always inspire the current students to focus on academics properly. The scholarly people of the Earlham College are American Physician- Eva Feldman, Comedian- Dan McCoy, and many more.