United States, Michigan

To serve the growing need of providing higher education to the communities of Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties, Delta College was created. It is a community college located in Michigan. Started its journey by offering education at the school level, Delta College now enrolls around 9,000 students annually. It has its accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, which ensures that Delta meets all the academic standards. The mission of the college is to foster the students to be great leaders by educating, enriching, and empowering the most diverse community in mid-Michigan. For this, the college offers degrees and certificates in nearly 21 different fields. Some of the popular majors include marketing, business, arts, sciences, management, and health professional courses. The students’ quest to get high-quality workforce training ends at Delta College.

Campus Life

Learning at Delta College is not limited to four walls. Students here offer plenty of opportunities to get engaged in various on-campus activities. The campus had been renovated several times over the years so that the students can get access to the latest technology equipped with learning equipment. Furthermore, the college also focuses on offering top-notch student services. It includes counseling services, veteran services, career guidance services, and safety services. For extracurricular, students can join many student clubs and organizations, participate in different art exhibitions, and can volunteer at different on-campus events. Those sharing interest in sports can join the college’s athletic team and can showcase their talent at the national level. Overall, the campus has all the amenities required to have a vibrant student life.

Noted Alumni

Delta tries its level best to be in touch with its alumni. For this, it organizes various alumni events, campus visits, and publishes eNewsletters for their alumni. Over the years, the college has gifted great minds to the world. Some of the valuable alumni for Delta College include Sara Ann Weston - an American television personality and professional wrestler, Sheldon Neeley – an American politician, Natasha Wescoat - an Artist and Illustrator based in Michigan, Rob Little - an American comedian and actor and Charles M. Brunner - a Democratic politician, serving in the Michigan House of Representatives.