United States, North Carolina

Established in 1837, Davidson College is a private liberal arts college located in Davidson, North Carolina. Students have options between 29 majors and 40 minors, as well as other interdisciplinary studies. The honour code bounds the university. Davidson offers majors in 27 subject areas. Students can also design their majors through the interdisciplinary research center. In addition to a major required for graduation, students can also study for a second major, minor courses, or specialized courses. The primary purpose of Davidson College is to help students develop humane instincts, discipline, and creativity to cultivate leadership and service lives. To achieve the institute's goals, Davidson chose to become a liberal arts college to maintain his status as a scholar's residential community, emphasize all professors' teaching responsibilities, and ensure opportunities for personal relationships between students and teachers.

Campus Life

The main campus of Davidson College is located in Davidson, North Carolina. The campus incorporates facilities for athletics, housing facilities, attractive academic buildings, the dining hall, the farm, and several on-campus student organizations. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion creates an inclusive and welcoming campus environment for Davidson College’s systematically underrepresented student population. The center achieves this goal by providing direct support services, educational programs, and community building opportunities within and across social groups. There are more than 200 student organizations on campus. They have shown interest and cultivated their awareness in many fields, including culture, politics, art, entertainment, publications, religion, sports, diversity, civic participation, etc. At Davidson, more than 90% of students live on campus in four years. The college’s residential community provides a variety of accommodation and dining options that suit students' needs.

Noted Alumni

Davidson College has many notable graduates, particularly in politics, athletics, and the arts. Some of the well-known alumni of the college include U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, several governors of North and South Carolina, former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, Deputy White House Counsel in the Bill Clinton administration Vincent Foster, mystery writer Patricia Cornwell, Susannah Wellford the President and Founder of Running Start, Bringing Young Women to Politics, and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Charles Wright. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, attended Davidson for one year before transferring to Princeton University.