United States, Massachusetts

Established in 1887, Clark University is a private research university located in a beautiful city named Worcester in Massachusetts. The university now offers 46 majors, minor, and concentrations in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering majors and allows students to design major majors and engage in pre-major courses. It is known for its programs in psychology, geography, physics, biology, and entrepreneurship. The mission of Clark University is to educate undergraduates and graduate students to become creative people and contribute to the world's citizens and to promote the frontiers of knowledge and understanding through rigorous scholarships and creative work. The university is committed to preparing students for the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing society. Among students, faculty, and staff, Clark is committed to pursuing excellence in the study of traditional academic disciplines and innovating in exploring issues that cross discipline boundaries.

Campus Life

The main campus of Clark University is located on Main Street in the Main South community, 2 miles west of downtown Worcester and 40 miles west of Boston. The campus is very compact; most of the main buildings are located in one block of space. Jonas Clark Hall occupies the center of the campus and houses economics, psychology, and education departments. Estabrook Hall on Woodland Street serves as a language center and music center. The Jefferson Academic Center has various social science departments, including women's studies, geography, history, geographic information science, political science, and sociology. The university has 7 libraries focusing on physics, chemistry, biology, and global environmental change and has archives of more than 200,000 maps and aerial photos. Clark has more than 130 student clubs and organizations. Consequently, the work is led by the Clark University Student Council, which has distributed more than $750,000 in budgets to various clubs and their activities.  

Noted Alumni

The university's most famous alumnus was graduate student and professor Robert H. Goddard, a pioneering rocket scientist who conducted many campus experiments. Clark's first president G. Stanley Hall founded the American Psychological Association in July 1892 at Clark. Grayson L. Kirk a president of the Council on Foreign Relations during the Cold War, Clark is also notable for being the site of Sigmund Freud's only lectures in the United States and the university where Chinese poet Xu Zhimo earned his BA.