United States, Montana

Carroll College is a private Roman Catholic liberal arts college located in Helena, Montana. The college offers more than 35 academic majors, participates in 15 NAIA sports activities, and is the seat of All Saints' Church. Carroll College offers a large number of majors, including liberal arts and life sciences, engineering, education, computer science, nursing, physics, ROTC, and theology. The school offers as well several medical professional courses, including preschool, medicine, pre-dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. This school is known for its above-average acceptance rate for students receiving medical school. As a liberal arts school, Carroll College recognizes the practical role of preparing students for their careers, but at the same time, it also reiterates the traditional role of providing students with the expansion of intelligence, imagination, and social awareness. Carroll College is eager to cultivate students with "strong minds, broad minds, sincere beliefs, and prepared hands". For more than a hundred years, it has been challenging its students to conduct rigorous academic research under the guidance of the Catholic faith and serve the local community and other areas.

Campus Life

The institution is located on a famous hill in the capital of Montana, opposite St. Helena Cathedral. The college has 21 buildings on a 63-acre campus. Carroll College has four residence halls on campus. In addition, Carroll's campus apartments are open to students in grades 3 and above. Carroll has community advisers on every floor of each dorm, and the community advisers are responsible for organizing activities for members of his floors. Nelson is known as a football field stadium. Since 2017, the Hunthausen Activity Center is to provide student entertainment and fitness facilities. There are nearly 350 campus events held by students every year. It provides more than three dozen student groups whose interests range from academics to music, faith, service, health, sports, environment, and everything in between. More than 95% of first-year students live on campus and the college provides a variety of student dormitories and apartment life, including Borromeo Hall, Guadalupe Hall, St. Charles Hall, and Trinity Hall.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of Carroll College are John Gagliardi the football head-coach of the college, Sinan Güler a Turkish professional basketball player, Norman Holter a biophysicist, Raymond Hunthausen an Archbishop of Seattle, Joseph Monaghan the congressman from Montana, Jerry O'Connell the congressman from Montana, the head football coach at the University of Louisville namely Bobby Petrino, Paul Petrino a head football coach at the University of Idaho, Marc Racicot the Governor of Montana, George Thomas a Bishop of Helena, Bernard Topel a Bishop of Spokane, and Tarah Wheeler the Cybersecurity Executive and Author of "Women in Tech".