United States, California

The California Academy of Art is an art, design, architecture, and writing school with two campuses in California, one in San Francisco and one in Oakland. The college offers 22 undergraduates and 13 graduate majors. The college grants a bachelor of fine arts, a bachelor of fine arts, a bachelor of architecture, a master of fine arts, a master of fine arts, a master of architecture, a master of advanced architectural design, a master of design, and a degree of business administration. The college attracts promising students from all over the world who hope to attend one of the best art and design schools in the United States. The college educates talented and visionary students to become versatile creators of creative solutions to promote cultural and social development. The California Institute of the Arts educates students to shape culture and society through practical and critical research in art, architecture, design, and writing. Thanks to its location in the San Francisco Bay Area, the college prepares students for lifelong creative work by fostering innovation, community involvement, and social and environmental responsibility.

Campus Life

The main campus of California College of Arts is situated in Oakland and another campus is located in San Francisco. The Department of Student Affairs is here to ensure that the experience of every student at the California Institute of the Arts is not traditional, but extraordinary. The college enables students to enter numerous student organizations, inspiring activities, and support services to help them thrive, thereby empowering students to shape campus culture. The Student Affairs Department provides a variety of resources and programs to support student success in and out of the classroom. The campus is located in the center of the booming art and design community in the Bay Area, and students will never be too far away from where they get inspiration and creative opportunities. Student organizations contribute to the entire community by allowing others to work together to achieve common goals while helping to create a more vibrant campus environment. The college provides students with innovative facilities that enable them to learn crafts in the thriving arts and design communities of the Bay Area. From the college art studio in the upcoming Dogpatch community to the Curatorial Research Bureau embedded in the Yerba Buena Art Center, the college provides a unique learning environment for all types of student artists.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of California College of Arts are Robert Arneson and Peter Voulkos, as well as teacher Viola Frey, helped establish ceramics as a medium of high-level fine art, which was closely related to the rise of the ceramic movement in the 1960s. The realism movement in the 1970s was represented by current teacher Jack Mendenhall and alumni Robert Bechtle and Richard McLean. Alumni Nathan Oliveira and Manuel Neri are leaders of the Bay Area image movement. Marvin Lipofsky founded CCA's Glass project in 1967 and played an important role in the Studio Glass movement.