United Kingdom, England

Buckinghamshire New University, also known as Bucks New University (BNU), is a public university situated in Buckinghamshire, England. It is a higher-educational institution offering more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It was originally founded in 1891 as the School of Science and Art, and since then it has been re-invented as the Wycombe Technical Institute, the High Wycombe College of Technology and Art, and the Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education. Between the period of 1999 to 2007 the BNU was a college, and was awarded the status of a university by the Privy Council afterwards. The campus has been surrounded by various facilities and amenities for a progressive education environment. The university had a total of 11,005 students enrolled in the year 2018/19 and offers courses like Art Design & Performance, Aviation & Security, Business Law & Computing, Nursing & Allied Health, Health care & Social Work, Human & Social Sciences. Students can also pursue Animation, Visual Effects, Film and TV, Music and Policies. 

Campus Life

The university is spread over in four campuses: High Wycombe Campus in Wycombe, Uxbridge Campus in London Borough, Missenden Abbey in Aylesbury. A new major infrastructure was built in the High Wycombe Campus, known as the Gateway Building which includes commercial-standard facilities like learning centre, a café, meeting and conference room, music recording studios, dance studios, drama theatre, fitness and gym, sports hall and performance lab. Accomodation is provided at the Bucks New University as Halls of Residence, Managed House and the Student village. With 396 rooms, Brook St Halls, the first to be built, is five minutes' walk from the University Campus. The Hughenden Park Student Village finished construction in 2009 and can allot rooms for 410 students. The Windsor House is located in High Wycombe town centre and provides housing for 200 students. 

Noted Alumni

Simon Skelts (Event Manager), Noel Fielding (Actor and comedian), Dave Brown (Actor and comedian), Veronica Carlson (Model and actress), Philip Koomen (Furniture designer), Rebecca Stephens (Singer).