United States, Massachusetts

Dwelled in the most scenic city of Waltham, also known as the Watch City, Brandeis University was established in 1948. The university was named after the great Louis Dembitz Brandeis(Jewish) who was the supreme court of the United States' primary justice. Brandeis University has justice in its foundation offers excellent services irrespective of all caste and cultures. Currently, the university is home to nearly 5,800 students, from which 1,800 students are from 116 different countries. The university believes in delivering the best programs that help students gain the proper knowledge and have the latest market insights. Brandeis University offers various undergraduate and graduate programs with a wide range in subjects like Arts, Science and Technology, Business, Social Science, Journalism, and many more. With the acquaintance of Noble Prize winner faculties, students need not fret about their academic venture.

Campus Life

The impressive 235-acre campus has a lot to offer apart from the outstanding academics. The university has a strong belief in growing together as one big family and substantiating that Brandeis does everything they have in their power. The university’s student union works extensively hard to provide the best facilities to the international students to feel free to be part of the Brandeis family. The student club and organization provide stellar services and arranges excellent events that bring the students close to each other. The department of community living at Brandeis gives the best on-campus secure residing environment. With the on-campus dining options and easy access to the Boston city, students can have great food and cuisine varieties. Brandeis University is the quintessence of eminence with the amalgamation of plentiful teaching commodities and outstanding campus facilities!

Noted Alumni

Over the years, the Brandeis Univerisity has produced many notable alumni who are doing significantly great in their respective domains. Some of the eminent personalities that graduated from Brandeis University are Marta Kauffman and David Crane – the people who gifted and co-created the world’s best sitcom show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Alisa Gravitz, the C.E.O. of great Green America. Bollywood fame and great actor – Arunodoy Singh.