United States, Alabama

Birmingham Southern College is a private liberal arts college located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Founded in 1856, the college is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is accredited by the Southern Association of Higher Schools. The college currently offers 5 bachelor's degrees in more than 50 courses of study, as well as interdisciplinary and personalized professional and dual degree programs. Birmingham South College prepares men and women for important life. The college promotes intellectual and personal development through excellent teaching and scholarships and challenges students to interact with the community and the wider world, examining various perspectives and living with integrity. A residential, diploma university liberal arts institution in southern Birmingham is proud of its Methodist tradition of methodical inquiry and meaningful service.

Campus Life

The main campus is located three miles west of Birmingham city center. The college has 45 academic, residential, administrative, and sports buildings/facilities. Birmingham-Southern is a high-quality, caring place where people from all over the country will not only feel comfortable, but will also grow intellectually, morally, and personally. here are more than 90 on-campus student organizations that can help students change their lives outside the classroom. The college prides itself on providing a supportive, participatory residential community (a home away from home). More than 90% of our students live on campus, making Hilltop a place to live, eat, study, and play. The college provides students with a safe, comfortable, and exciting life experience that can improve academic performance, promote personal development, and promote university success. The college provides a variety of residential communities, including traditional double rooms, suite-style dormitories, and apartments. The college is committed to preparing students for success through a diversified and innovative living and learning environment to help them improve students’ respect and sense of responsibility, and Encourage them to learn from each other.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of Birmingham-Southern College are William Acker the Judge at United States District, Robert Aderholt the United States Congressman from Alabama, the United States Congressman from Alabama Laurie C. Battle, Amanda Bearse an actress, best known for her role as Marcy on the television sitcom Married... with Children, Richmond C. Beatty the biographer, and critic, Harvie Branscomb the Chancellor at Vanderbilt University, the Methodist minister Lewis C. Branscomb, Charles Brooks an Editorial cartoonist, Pat Buttram an Actor, Howard Cruse the Cartoonist, Charles Gaines – Author, journalist, screenwriter, editor and the winner of Cine Gold Eagle Awards, and National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award, Alexander Gelman the Theatre Director of Organic Theater Company based in Chicago, Rebecca Gilman an American playwright, and the Voice Actress Jennifer Hale.