United States, Maine

Bates College is an art college located in Maine. Oren Burbank Cheney founded it in 1855. It is the oldest coeducational university known for being the first institute in New England to award a degree to a New England woman. The college has always strongly persevered the ideals of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, freedom as well as social justice. This incredibly close-knit community thrives in a welcoming and open classroom environment. Everyone here is dared to try something new and articulate their views. Besides, Bates offers degrees in various disciplines and pupils can choose from 37 majors or devise their interdisciplinary majors. Another prominent feature of Bates College is its Honors Program which includes a tutorial-based thesis modeled on the University of Oxford and Cambridge.

Campus Life

The 1,800 students of Bates enjoy a peaceful on-campus atmosphere in the cold New England climate. Learners here get many chances to engage with drama works, dance and many other activities on any day of the week. The college even has two forest and wetland reserves, which supports academic as well as extracurricular activities. Besides, various events hosted by different student groups such as "Thursday Country Club Series" and “Wind Down Tuesdays" are enjoyed by university participants. Many students live in student dormitories on campus or in Bates's 25 Victorian houses, one of which can accommodate 10 to 30 students. Moreover, the dining options here are unique, organic, healthy and loaded with naturally sourced food.

Noted Alumni

Bates’ alumni include leaders in science, politics, communications, medicine, education, law and business, covering almost all domains of life. Besides, the extensive and useful alumni network shows an absolute devotion for the school. It provides a lot of extra support for students by providing counseling, student leadership opportunities and much more! Some of the notable personalities like the 58th U.S. Secretary of State, Edmund Muskie, U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, CEO of General Mills - Robert Kinney, actor Jeffery Lynn and Bryant Gumbel are associated with the college.