United States, Washington

Bastyr University is a private medicine university situated in the city of Kenmore, Washington. Since its foundation in late 1978, the university is dominating the health and medicine industry by producing students with great caliber to undergo any situation in life. With an average of 3,000 enrollments every year, Bastyr University is very eminent in the way they accept the student’s passion and talent regardless of caste and religion. The only mission of Bastyr University is to educate the students so that they can contribute to the medical industry and to impart the knowledge that body, mind, and spirit are intrinsically inseparable. The university great programs in different fields such as naturopathy, acupuncture, Traditional Asian medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine, psychology, and midwifery. The university believes that in the coming future, they will become the world’s leading academic center for health science and will educate more aspirants!

Campus Life

Bastyr University has two distinct campuses with Kenmore being the main campus has a decent 51-acres construction which provides almost everything to the students. The other campus is in the famous city of San Diego, California. Both the campuses offer fascinating on-campus and off-campus facilities to the students and staff members. The student organizations in both the campuses play a vital role in shaping the campus life as they offer great campus activities and traditions to the students and are responsible to maintain healthy and happy campus life! The university has an enormous range of café and restaurants available within the campus. The on-campus accommodation services available and convenient for the international students as the residing facilities are safe and secure. The university has a great perspective towards physical health and offers great athletics services to the students.

Noted Alumni

Bastyr University has always believed in educating students with the intent that they will leverage their career and will achieve great heights. With such amazing motives, the university has produced many great alumni. Some of the alumni are Peter J. D'Adamo, an author and member of Bastyr University's first graduating naturopathic class. Britt Marie Hermes, a 2011 graduate of the doctorate of naturopathic medicine program who went on to practice for three years in Washington and Arizona before becoming an outspoken critic of homeopathy and naturopathic medicine.