United States, Massachusetts

Formerly known as the Assumption College, the institution recently adopted the name Assumption University. It is a private Catholic and liberal arts university having its roots in Worcester, Massachusetts. The university offers top-notch education to the students along with some spiritual touch. Founded in 1904, the college focuses on preparing youths to be industry ready by testing their ability, challenging their perspective, and exploring their potential. Students here experience a broad range of programs at graduate and undergraduate levels. Moreover, the university also offers some dual degree and accelerated undergraduate/ graduate programs. Some of the professional majors offer here are cyber-security, data analytics, health sciences, neuroscience, nursing, business, management, accounting, and arts. Earning a degree from Assumption opens rewarding opportunities for an individual.

Campus Life

The main campus of the university encompasses of total 185-acres of lush green campus surrounded by natural beauty from all sides. All the necessary facilities like the great library, academic buildings with top-notch laboratories, various places for recreation activities, and few places for carrying out groundbreaking research works. In the case of extracurricular, the campus has more than 50 student clubs and organizations, which helps the students to gain various professional skills. More than 90% of the students enrolled in the university prefer staying at the university’s residential halls. On-campus dining options at affordable rates are available here. Those sharing their field of interest in sports can join the university sports team (The Greyhounds) and can compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division II and Northeast-10 Conference. Overall, there is something for everyone on campus.

Noted Alumni

As alumni are the greatest assets for the university, the institute tries to maintain lifelong connection with them. They organize various events on campus to stay in touch with them. Some of the notable alumni for the university are: Christopher Adrian Colabello - an American professional baseball player, Brian Keith Kelly - an American football coach and former player, Scott Simonson - an American footballer, Andrew Alcott Hallett - an American singer and actor, Mike Gravel - an American politician and Jay A. Garcia-Gregory - a Senior Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.