United States, Georgia

Agnes Scott College is a private women's liberal arts college situated in the city named Decatur in Georgia. The college enrolled approximately 1,000 students. Agnes Scott belongs to the Presbyterian Church and is considered one of the Seven Sisters of the South. Agnes Scott College enables students to realize their potential through innovative liberal arts education. The college believes in major issues, global vision, and leadership change. Agnes Scott College offers more than 30 undergraduate majors and minors, and the famous ones are Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, and Computer Science. Agnes Scott College trains women to think deeply, live a glorious life, and cope with the intellectual and social challenges of the times. The college provides dynamic, high-standard liberal arts courses so that students and faculty can fully develop their creativity and intellectual potential. The university is committed to being a just and inclusive community, expects honorable behavior, encourages spiritual inquiry, and promotes dialogue that respects differences.

Campus Life

Agnes Scott occupies more than 90 acres in Decatur. Agnes Scott College is a short walk from downtown Decatur. The MARTA subway station in downtown Decatur allows students to travel to Atlanta. Non-commuter students should study undergraduate at Agnes Scott College for four years and stay on campus. There are six student residences on the northern edge of the campus. Students have unlimited opportunities to participate. The college has more than 60 student organizations. The students of this university are part of the university management system. More than 80% of Agnes Scott's undergraduate students are actively involved in community service. Agnes Scott is a member of the three divisions of the National Athletics Association, which is responsible for six sports teams, including basketball, cross-country, football, softball, tennis, and volleyball. The tennis team is arguably Agnes Scott's most successful team, winning the conference championship and advancing to the NCAA National Championship six times.

Noted Alumni

Some of the well-known alumni of the Agnes Scott College are Martha Bailey the professor of Economics and Scholar of how access to contraception has shaped women's lives, Tommie Dora Barker a public librarian and founding dean of Emory Library School, Mary Brown Bullock the president of emerita, and the only alumna to serve as president of the college, Jordan Casteel an award-winning figure painter, Illinois state representative Goudyloch E. Dyer, Ivylyn Girardeau a medical missionary in India and Pakistan, Mary Norton Kratt the writer of Charlotte history and Southern novels, Jean H. Toal the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court, and an architect Leila Ross Wilburn.